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  • डी.ओ.जे. वर्तमान स्टेशन 16-08-2018
  • डी.ओ.जे. वर्तमान पद 16-11-2017
  • “ A man is nothing but the products of his thoughts, What he thinks he becomes”

    At the very outset of my message I extend my gratitude to all my beloved students, guardians, learned staff and local administration of AFS Arjangarh for providing all kind of academic & administrative support to make this institution a pace setter.

    As you all know that the mission of KVS is to pursue excellence and set pace in the field of school education. As a part of KVS we are trying our level best to disseminate information , knowledge, skill and wisdom among our heterogeneous group of students who belongs every layer of society and depict a true picture of unity in diversity.

    As per national knowledge commission deliberations we focused five key areas of knowledge – Access to knowledge, Knowledge concept, knowledge creation, knowledge application and development of better knowledge services.

    To achieve these targets our all sub systems i. e team of teachers , science labs, language labs, mathematics lab, computer lab, Resource rooms, Library, CCA & PHE departments are making optimum use of all available resources.

    Our every planning , organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating , reporting and budgeting (POSDCORB) is dedicated to our lovely buds which will bloom in to beautiful flowers in futue i.e our students

    We have achieved good results in class X & XII in 2017-18, we promise you all to maintain this pace in future too.